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 Winner: One who wins; one who is victorious, primarily through praiseworthy ability and hard work; a victor, especially in games and life.

 What does being a winner mean to you? Do you see yourself as a winner? I hope the answer is YES!

People – especially in the corporate world – are often too hard on themselves and find it difficult to see themselves as winners. In the years that I spent dealing with people and coaching professionals and entrepreneurs, I realized that each person is a winner hidden inside.

Yes, you CAN be a winner, and you ARE a winner. But ONLY if you want to be.

And it begins with having the right mindset.

Do you know what it takes to have the mindset of a winner?

In this article, let’s talk about a winner’s mindset and what winners do to cultivate and nurture that mindset. At the end of the blog, you will understand and adopt key actions, traits, and habits to make that mindset shift — from confusion and insecurity to that of a winner.

From the definition given above, a winner is defined as someone successful, mainly by virtue of their skill and work ethic. A winner is a victor, whether it be in the field of sports, business, career, or life.

When you have a winner’s mindset, you see challenges as opportunities, success as a step to more success, and failure as an opportunity for learning and growth. When you have a positive mindset and a winning attitude, you’ll be on your way to reaching the horizons of success.

Being a winner is a choice, not a condition of your circumstances.

We live in uncertain times where many want to blame everyone else for their circumstances. Corporate misconduct is an all too familiar term that happens too often in the corporate world. But what does that mean for each of us?

At every moment, we can choose to let our circumstances shape our lives, or we can shape our circumstances.

Winners don’t get hung up on what could have been. Time travel is not a thing yet. And worrying about the past is counterproductive.

Yes, others’ conduct may have traumatized the global economic foundation. Regardless, we all need to own our space. Winners take responsibility for the life they created.

It may be difficult to assume responsibility for our condition, but that is essential to a winner’s mindset. A documentary on the 2008 US financial/real estate meltdown showed a reporter interviewing owners and lenders, and not one person took any responsibility for the mess they created.

One interviewed woman had borrowed (been given a more appropriate description) over $1.8 million in loans for multiple properties and was in default. Her monthly income was $1500 per month. When she was asked by the reporter how she had contributed to the rocky financial situation in the US, she denied that she had played any part in it. According to her, it was all the bank’s fault for lending her the money.

The loans officer at the bank passed on the blame to the mandate set by the executives to increase sales, no matter what! – so he maintained his hands were clean!

The reality is both are at fault. Taking the example above, to indeed be winners, they both must take responsibility for the situation.

Winners know their purpose.

 After conducting a seminar, an individual approached me and asked me what happens if he did not have a purpose and therefore did not know what he wanted? My response was that everyone has a purpose or calling, and you just need to find out what it is.

Our life leaves clues. We must pay attention to the evidence.

When you are a true winner, you live a fully engaged life. In our experience at CRG, that is achievable only when you are living your purpose.

Winners embrace that truth and seek to align their choices and lives accordingly.

Winners focus on what they want, not what they don’t want.

Dreams and hope are two of the most potent concepts winners can embrace. The law of attraction is a fundamental, working, non-negotiable principle.

  • You can’t have wellness and health if you are always worried about sickness and injury.

  • You won’t have wealth if you are always worried about being broke.

  • You won’t find a job or a career if you keep thinking nobody will hire you.

Document exactly what you want!

It is challenging to attract unknown results. Ambiguity will lead to confusion, not clarity.

Included in this step is that your language — the words coming out of your mouth — MUST reflect the outcome you desire . . . not the current situation you are in. What you put your attention on will increase, and there simply is no way to avoid that principle.

If you are broke, you won’t improve the situation by saying you have no money, which will keep you in poverty.

If you are ill, talking about how sick you are will not improve your wellness. Norman Cousins proved that in his book, The Anatomy of an Illness.

If you say you can’t find a job and that comes to pass, don’t be surprised. Focus— think and speak — only about what you want!

Persistence is mandatory.

Winners realize setbacks are part of the winning process.

Never giving up is a requirement for winning. At my son’s ball game, one of his team members missed catching an easy flyball.

Then, instead of chasing after the ball, he quit trying. That resulted in two additional runs for the other team.

When Colonel Sanders of the KFC fame first approached the marketplace with his secret recipe, he was rejected by over 60 restaurants. He resorted to sleeping in his car until he found success.

Winners keep going — no matter what.

Winners surround themselves with other winners.

You take on the characteristics and values of the company and friends you keep. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to succeed or become a winner if you are hanging around with losers.

Whether you like it or not, the language and conduct of the people around you influence you. Choose to have supportive and successful mentors and friends.

You must take the position that it does not matter what others say, and what matters is what you believe and the goals you want to achieve. Only surround yourself with people who support your goals and believe in you.

You control your destiny!

The reality is that many individuals don’t take responsibility for their condition and won’t support your goals and dreams, either.

As a winner, don’t share your dreams with those types of people; they will try to talk you out of your future!

Choose winners for friends.

Winners own their space and take proactive action steps.

Take action today and change your mindset to that of a winner.

As Vincent Thomas once said,

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.”

Action Steps 

A Winner’s Mindset

  1. Are you choosing this very moment to be a winner? Your answer should be Yes! Being a winner is a choice, and it has nothing to do with your circumstances.

  2. Take responsibility for your life and its condition. Have you done that? Would people say you take responsibility for your life and the shape it’s in? Are you going to be happy with your answer?

  3. Knowing who you are is critical to the winner’s mindset. Are you clear about your life purpose and calling? If not, get on with this step.

  4. Once you know who you are, do you know where you are going? Are your dreams and goals transparent?

  5. Focus on what you want — not what you don’t want. You manifest what you think and talk about. It is nearly impossible to be a winner while worrying about everything that can go wrong.

  6. Often, the difference between losers and winners is the character trait of persistence. Do people call you persistent? Winners never give up on their dreams or calling, no matter what.

  7. Do you surround yourself with other winners? You must avoid toxic people.

  8. Every person has a purpose. To help you understand your purpose or calling, I encourage you to engage in our process, outlined step-by-step in The Quest for Purpose Journal Or Book a roadmap for assisting individuals to live a life of meaning, significance, and purpose.

  9. Benchmark your current condition with assessments. Your results will assist you in making the right decision every time — with confidence and clarity. As part of the clarification process, we recommend five specific assessments.


    (Click below to take the assessment)

    Personal Style Indicator (PSI)

    To identify your natural preferences and strengths.

    Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator

    If you are heading into self-employment instead of the PSI.

    Values Preference Indicator

    To clarify your core values.

    Self-Worth Inventory

    To understand how your level of self-worth is affecting your success.

    Stress Indicator and Health Planner

    To determine how your lifestyle influences your stress and wellness levels.

    10. Yes, you are a winner. And, with a winner’s mindset, you will feel fulfilled and able to become fully engaged in your life . . . and contribute much to many!

     Until next time, keep Living On Purpose!


    Ken Keis