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Dying To Live: Breakthrough Stress Reduction and Wellness Improvement Strategies eCourse!

Discover the Foundation of Personal and Professional Success with CRG’s Expertly Designed eCourse

Dying To Live  eCourse
is designed to Show You  EXACTLY what your stress levels  are
in five categories and then
based on your results,
what specific steps you can take to reduce your stress

and improve your wellness.

(supported by CRG’s Stress Indicator and Health Planner assessment)

What does Stress Cost?

  • Over $300 billion, or $7,500 per employee, is spent annually in the U.S. and increasing every year.
  • Over 10% of GDP in the UK and Australia.
  • The highest stressed workers are in China with over 87% feeling highly stressed.

This course is designed to help you assess your current levels of stress and health in five Categories and then outline specific strategies and options to improve your wellness and reduce your stress.

The Five Areas Include:

  1. Distress Levels – Physically, Psychologically & Behaviorally
  2. Interpersonal Stress
  3. Nutritional and Lifestyle Stress
  4. Time Stress
  5. Occupational Stress

This eCourse can assist you to do the following:

  • Instantly provide you information so you can develop a plan to enhance your overall wellness and decrease your stress levels.
  • Increase your awareness and insight regarding potential risk areas that interfere with optimal health, performance, and long-term enjoyment of life.
  • Provide you a roadmap for self and others to plan for increased health and vitality.
  • Allow engagement by anyone at anytime without the need of certification or the involvement of outside professionals.
  • This eCourse is designed to provide practical information and common sense to assist you in making choices that will move you in the direction of your wellness goals.
  • Use the Stress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP) on a regular and planned basis; we recommend that you consider completing this assessment at least once a year to track or benchmark any changes to your (or organizations) stress and wellness levels.
  • Implemented this course as part of any Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • Use the eCourse and Stress Indicator with the other CRG eCourses & assessments as a process to reduce stress – such as job fit, values clarification, leadership development, Life purpose, etc., especially for the interpersonal, time and occupational stress categories.
  • As our life changes, so do our stress and wellness levels. This stress and wellness assessment is an excellent way to be proactive in your overall health strategies.
  • Created your organizational or corporate wellness programs using the eCourse and Stress Indicator to benchmark and track the overall health and wellness practices of their employees. Then based on the individual and team results, track trends and implement training and support programs to address important or critical stress and wellness issues.



Dying To Live
SIHP eCourse!

Discover the Foundation of Professional Success with

CRG’s Expertly Designed eCourse.

19 Powerful Lessons

4 Hours of Easy to Digest Training Videos
19 Simple Modules
10 Short and Fun Quizzes
Bonus Modules on Purpose and Job Fit
Certificate of Completion

Exclusive Learning at

Your Own Pace

This eCourse is designed to show you exactly
how to improve your life and others through improving your health and wellness.  
Enroll now to get complete access
to video lessons along with an exclusive content
only available in this course. Learn at your own
pace on mobile or desktop. Do it in 8 hours, or 8
weeks. The choice is completely yours!

Learn how to improve your health and develop a plan to enhance your overall wellness and decrease your stress levels.

This is a powerful assessment and process for any individual or group who wants to improve their wellbeing.

Students Give This

 eCourse a

4.9 out of 5

star rating.


The Stress Indicator & Health Planner [we have] implemented into our Stress Management Workshop has proved to be an enormous success. The planner has been most effective from the participants’ point of view, simply due to the way it breaks down the stress issues we encounter in our lives into five very distinct areas. The planner has shown [staff] a whole new approach to managing stress.“


Liz McNally
Director Training & Development
London Drugs Limited




This may surprise you but having coached Clients in 50+ countries, no matter where my clients live, I find that the majority of Leaders have high stress levels. Stress is subtle because it creeps into one’s life and before we know it, stress becomes the new normal which can, of course, lead to illness. The SIHP is VERY thorough and should be used annually by every leader in every country in the world. Issues can then be addressed to put you back on the road to wellness again. You will learn to identify physical, psychological and behavioral symptoms of distress so that mental red flags can be raised. Your self-assessment will include interpersonal stress, nutrition, health, time stress, and occupational stress. Give yourself the gift of life – your family will be happy you did.“

Betska K-Burr
Awarded 2019 Top 100 Management Consultants in the World by CEO Today Magazine




Just some of the over 1,000,000 clients who have used the  CRG Assessments like the Stress Indicator and Health Planner and the contents of this eCourse to transform

individually, as a team and as an organization.

About Your Course Leader Dr. Ken Keis


Ken Keis, Ph.D. is an expert in leadership, wellness, purpose and behavioral assessments.  With a Diploma in Nutrition and Genetics, Dr. Keis has a special interest in health and wellness and will share his personal story of overcoming a misdiagnosis. He brings his highly engaging style with illustrations for you to experience in this course.

His passion is to equip individuals (through this course) of increased self-awareness to improve their wellness and health to increase their success in all areas of their life.

Dr. Keis is also the host of the podcast series, Secrets of Success, Keis’ material is proven to increase productivity and reduce conflict.

His message applies to both business and personal use. As a bestselling author, he has written or co-written four books, 12 assessments and over 500 articles.

Hundreds of thousands have experienced Dr. Keis in live presentations, and over a thousand professional developers and leaders have been through CRG’s PMAC – Professional Mastery & Assessments Certification 3-Day training program.

Dr. Keis’ seminars are beneficial for corporations, small businesses, schools, churches, and government agencies. These time-tested strategies work to improve results, lower stress, minimize employee turnover and dramatically improve communications.

Ken is the owner of Consulting Resource Group, International, Inc. a leading provider of the cutting-edge CRG Holistic Assessment System which now offers a dozen different assessments.



Class Interactions

A quiz complements many classes with lesson recaps and exercises.



You’ll receive your Dying to Live Certificate of Completion.



Office Hours

Dr. Ken will be available to answer questions and provide feedback.


Lesson Plan Sequence




Welcome & Introduction



Stress and Wellness Research




Determining Your Why




Confirming Your Distress Levels





Interpersonal Stress Levels




Wellness and Nutritional Research





Your Nutritional Assessment Results




Wellness Documentary





Nutritional Planning




Lifestyle & Health Research




Your Lifestyle Results – Part One




Your Lifestyle Results – Part Two




Wellness: Lifestyle & Health Videos




Your Wellness: Lifestyle Planning




Your Time-Stress Assessment Results




Your Occupational Stress Assessment Results




Occupational Stress:

Bonus Content & Planning




Prioritizing Your Stress Reduction and Wellness Improvement Plans



Wrap-Up and Next Steps


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