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Consulting Resource Group Story

Consulting Resource Group International, Inc. story began in 1979, when as Founders, we were frustrated with the personality assessments MBTI and DiSC–which we were using with our university students and clients. Serious design and outcome flaws were discovered in both the MBTI and DiSC tools. Our concerns were so significant that we worried about the well-being of our students and based on that quit using these tools. On a dare by our colleagues, we were challenged to create a solution that addressed the concerns we had with other assessments–this birthed CRG’s first assessment the Personal Style Indicator (PSI). This multi-theory, self-scored, learner-friendly approach was so powerful that CRG has a 40+ year track record of over 80% of professionals switching to CRG assessments once they experience the CRG difference and attend our certification training.

Demand grew and organizations requested additional solutions–so over the past four decades CRG authors have written several million words of content and created an entire assessment and learning system based on CRG’s Proprietary Holistic Development Model and CRG’s Transforming Leadership Model. We now serve over 30 countries in 13 languages.

CRG’s 14 assessments, resources and online courses are used in every conceivable application as it relates to human capital development; education, career development, business, talent management, HR, sales, customer service, leadership, learning and instructional style, entrepreneurship, succession planning, mentoring, coaching, team-building, student success, performance improvement, health and wellness, self-worth, values, personal, and organizational purpose!

In 2002, CRG’s 13 shareholders sold the company and the intellectual property of all the assessments and content to Dr. Ken Keis who has been connected to CRG since 1990.

Our clients vary from Fortune 2000 companies, governments, finance, automotive, agriculture, retail, career centers, not-for-profits, entrepreneurs, education, religious, and individuals. In fact, if you are 15 years of age or older you can benefit from our resources. In the client tab below you will see a list of hundreds of our clients from around the world.

CRG also has a global network of Licensed Associates who serve as consultants, coaches, career developers, trainers, speakers, counselors, facilitators, educators and more. For more information in becoming a CRG Licensed Associate, click here.

We are dedicated to improving your personal, professional or organizational effectiveness!

If you have any questions about how we might be able to serve or support you, please feel free to contact us here at CRG.

We look forward to the potential of serving you.