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Become a CRG Associate

Are You Interested In …

  • Accessing a Holistic Assessment and Learning System to instantly increase your credibility and results with your clients?
  • Becoming part of a network of exceptional colleagues who are your personal and professional development peers?
  • Creating new transactional, passive, and residual streams of revenue?
  • Having the opportunity to do business globally and online and earn income through those activities?
  • Making a difference and transforming other people’s lives?

Come Join CRG as a Licensed Associate!

CRG seeks to connect with professionals and professional development organizations in any of the helping fields consulting, training, seminar (live and virtual), speaking, HR, education, coaching, counseling, career, instructional design, e-learning, online learning, and so on who want to deliver the highest standards, credibility, and impact to the marketplace and their clients.

To qualify to apply to become a CRG Licensed Associate, you must offer your services to others as a third party for a fee. Completion of CRG’s Professional Mastery & Assessments Certification (PMAC) is a requirement.


“CRG has played a central part as provider of tools for developing leaders, teams, and organizations, while increasing their competitiveness. As CRG Licensed Associates, we find CRG’s products very hands on and affordable. CRG solutions are always very appreciated by our clients. CRG is easy and professional to work with—and part of a long lasting and fulfilling partnership.”

Mikael & Karin Berggren
MMD International, Sweden

“There is no doubt in our minds that CRG tools/assessments are by far the best in the industry and will transform lives and relationships. Being a CRG Licensed Associate helps us serve our clients and improves our brand.”

Brian and Anne Bercht
Beyond Affairs

Why Consider CRG’s Licensed Associate Program?

  • Comprehensive Offering including the Number One rated Personality Assessment and 12 Assessments
  • Access to CRG’s Proprietary Holistic Development Models and Congruent Approach
  • User-Friendly Resources Designed to Create Learning Experiences
  • Connect with a Like-Minded Community of Professionals and Peers
  • Build Your Own Brand with CRG’s Application Protocol Interface (API) with Co-Branded Capabilities for Site and Reports
  • Multi-Language Offerings and Capabilities
  • Develop a Global Business—Right from Your Location
  • Infinite and Diverse Applications
  • The Right to Special High-Volume Annual Licensing Packages

Do You Qualify?

The qualities of CRG Licensed Associates vary with target market, business size, and experience but they all share a commitment to delivering high-value solutions to their clients. To be eligible to become a CRG Licensed Associate, you must

  • own an established training, consulting, learning, coaching, or professional development business;
  • be willing and able to integrate technology-based products into your business;
  • complete CRG’s Professional Mastery & Assessments Certification workshop;
  • operate at the highest level of professionalism and integrity; and
  • have the capacity to expand your offerings and be willing to invest in the CRG opportunity to grow your business.

Access to CRG’s Proprietary Licensed Associate Residual, Passive, and Leveraged Revenue Model*

There are no less than 7 different ways you can earn revenue. We equally reward professionals who refer as those who consume. You simply build, maintain, and grow your client relationships.

  1.  Wholesale Pricing
  2.  Enhanced Affiliate Percentages
  3.  Second Tier Affiliate Fees
  4.  Associate-Only Volume Bonus
  5.  Associate-to-Associate Referral Fee Program
  6.  Host or Sponsor a CRG Event or Certification for Event-Revenue Share with Offline and Online Options
  7.  Subscription-Based Revenue

*Financial details are available upon confirmation that you qualify to become a CRG Licensed Associate.

Come Join CRG as a Licensed Associate!