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Each CRG partnership has a page explaining the details of each relationship with a downloadable brochure for your review.

Five Possible CRG Partnerships to Serve and Support You and Your Organization!

CRG’s Affiliate Program

This option is free and open to any individual or organization. Simply register for your CRG Affiliate Partner account and then embed or share your Affiliate link. You will earn a referral fee from purchases made by your referral from CRG.


Not a CRG Affiliate?

CRG’s Associate Program

This is for development professionals who re-market their services for a fee and want to use RG assessments, online courses, and resources to serve others. There are several benefits to becoming a Licensed Associate including additional discounts as well as being recognized as an official representative.

CRG Joint Venture Program

This partnership is for organizations who are not interested in being certified on CRG resources or using them to directly teach their contacts but recognize how CRG assessments and training can serve their constituents. These organizations (from associations to large influencer groups) have a significant market presence and partner with CRG to promote and engage their members with CRG solutions. The JV Partner earns enhanced revenues while their contacts benefit from CRG content and learning.

CRG In-Country Representative

This relationship is for professional development organizations who have significant market presence in a given territory or geographic area. Many are for non-English speaking regions but not restricted to this condition. The ICR partnership has additional benefits and added responsibilities for being assigned a territory or language.

CRG Translation Partner

On many occasions the ICR is also our Translation Partner – but Translation Partners are not limited to this relationship. CRG tools are currently in 12 languages with most of our tools being translated using our Translation Partner model. If you would like a CRG tool in a language we do not have, and you and your team have the capabilities to do a quality translation into your language, we would like to connect with you.