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The Quest For Purpose eCourse

A transformation and interactive process designed to Show You EXACTLY how to find your Purpose in Life!

The Quest For Purpose eCourse
is designed to Show You EXACTLY how to find Purpose in Life!


        • This course is designed to help you get clear about your life direction (your WHY), discover your reason for living, confirm what motivates you while you determine what you really want to achieve in this life!. With over 80% of the population disengaged at work and only 10% living their life On Purpose, the need for this course has never been greater. We take you on a guided journey of unearthing what is most important to you.

Some of what you will learn and gain in this course

    • Why Meaning becomes before purpose.
    • The Mindset required so you can succeed in life.
    • The top ten On Purpose Character Traits require to sustain living your purpose.
    • What you really value and why it is important.
    • Reduced stress and increase peace and wellness.
    • What excites and interests you in all areas of your life.
    • Your Core Passions.
    • Your Master Life Purpose.
    • A clear vision and direction in all areas of your life.
    • An action plan and a roadmap to live your life On Purpose forever.

The Quest for Purpose



32 Powerful Lessons

4 Hours of Easy to Digest Training Videos
Includes The Quest for Purpose Journal in a Fillable PDF Format ($50 Value)
32 Simple Yet Powerful Modules
10 Life Roadmap Activities
Includes Four Assessments ($160 Value)
Personal Style Indicator
Values Preference Indicator
Stress Indicator and Health Planner
Self-Worth Inventory
A Step-by-Step Roadmap to Live Your Life On Purpose!
Immediate Action Plan
And Your Personalized Certificate of Completion



Exclusive Learning at

Your Own Pace


This eCourse is designed to not only help you confirm and discover your life
purpose but to provide you the roadmap and steps to live it!
Enroll now to get complete access to interactive video lessons
along with exclusive content only available in this course.
Learn at your own pace on mobile or desktop.
Do it over a few days or several weeks. The choice is completely yours!


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Learn how to improve all areas of
you life and develop a plan to
Live Your Life On Purpose!

Gallup research confirmed that nearly 90% of employees are indifferent or actively disengaged at work. Less than 10% of the population believes that they are living a fulfilling life On Purpose! These are disturbing statistics. That means there is a 9 out of 10 chance that you are one of these unfulfilled individuals—would you like to change that?
The Quest For Purpose is a roadmap for assisting individuals to live a life full of meaning, significance, and purpose.

Students Give This

eCourse a

4.9 out of 5

star rating.


“Clarifying what you really want in life is a mystery for millions of people around the world.

Discovering your true purpose requires an even deeper level of awareness and understanding. This is where the magic happens and author Dr. Ken Keis has simplified the way to fulfillment and happiness in his ground breaking book and eCourse, The Quest For Purpose.

Buy it, study it, and craft your own unique life-changing purpose. Then watch your energy and confidence soar!”

Les Hewitt
Author, New York Times Bestseller, The Power of Focus



“We live in a purpose-confused culture. We all long for purpose but have no idea where to find it. Ken’s new eCourse and book is an inspiring journey of answering life’s greatest questions-why am I here?”

Andy Steiger, Ph.D.
 Bestselling Author: Thinking? Answering Life’s Five Biggest Questions



“The Quest For Purpose is a fabulous eCourse, process and handbook to help each of us attain better self-awareness and to aid us in finding our desired path. To get to where we want to go, first we must better understand where and who we are. Of the many books and processes offering guidance in their area, Dr. Ken Keis offers the most practical, straightforward, and user-friendly approach I’ve seen. This is a must experience and must do course!

Bob Schoultz
30-Year U.S. Navy SEAL; CEO, Fifth Factor Leadership


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Just some of the over 1,000,000 clients who have used the 
CRG Assessments, Learning Solutions and content of this course to transform Individually, as a team and as an organization

Valued at $995.

About Your Course Leader Dr. Ken Keis



Ken Keis, Ph.D. is an expert in leadership, wellness, purpose and behavioral assessments. In fact, Dr. Keis has conducted the content of this eCourse in a live or online format nearly 3000 times over the past 30 years. He brings his highly engaging style with illustrations for you to experience in this course.

His purpose is to “Help Others Live, Lead and Work On Purpose!” hence his passion to create this course so that others may realize their full potential.

Dr. Keis is also the host of the podcast show, Secrets of Success, and with over 250 episodes there is a lot of great guests that you can listen to in addition to taking this course.

His message applies all parts of our lives. . As a bestselling author, he has written or co-written four books, 12 assessments and over 500 articles.

Hundreds of thousands have experienced Dr. Keis in live presentations, and over a thousand professional developers and leaders have been through CRG’s PMAC – Professional Mastery & Assessments Certification 3-Day training program.

Dr. Keis’ seminars are beneficial for corporations, small businesses, schools, churches, and government agencies. These time-tested strategies work to improve results, lower stress, minimize employee turnover and dramatically improve communications.

Ken is the owner of Consulting Resource Group, International, Inc. (CRG) a leading provider of the cutting-edge CRG Holistic Assessment System which now offers a dozen different assessments and several online learning experiences.

Class Workbook

You get Ken’s full book The Quest For Purpose in a new PDF Journal format where you can insert your responses to the Quest exercises and activities, then save and review for later.


You’ll receive your Certificate of Completion.


Office Hours

Dr. Ken will be available to answer questions and provide feedback.

Lesson Plan Sequence



Welcome and Personal Story


Introduction & Overview




Quest Strategies & Beliefs




Developing the Whole Person


Meaning Before Purpose




On Purpose Character Traits


Assess For Success: Part Two

Personal Style Indicator


Values Preference Indicator


Stress Indicator and Health Planner


Self-Worth Inventory


Your Life Leaves Clues: Part Three

Your Master Life Purpose


Your Positive Review


Your Big “10”


Your Seven Passions


Your Keyword Analysis


Your Keyword Tabulation


Your Keyword Sequence: Part One


Your Keyword Sequence: Part Two


Your Keyword Pattern


Your Positive Preview


Your Ideal Work/Career Life


Quest Inspiration Model©


Your Master Life Purpose: Revisited


The Quest Wheel


Your Quest Vision Statements


Your Quest “Baby Steps”


Nothing Happens Without Structure


Meaning Before Purpose: Part Two


Living On Purpose: Wrap Up and Next Steps