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Why Aren’t You

More Like Me? eCourse

Discover the Foundation of Personal and Professional Success with CRG’s Expertly Designed eCourse

The Why Aren’t You More Like Me? eCourse is Designed to

Show You EXACTLY How to Improve Your Life Through

Mastering YOUR Self-Awareness!

  • Are You Ready to learn how to improve your life, relationships, and
    interactions with others?
  • RADICALLY improve your Self-Confidence and Transform into your Best self!
  • Learn how to Uncover the styles of others EASILY so you can communicate effectively!


Why Aren’t You More Like Me?


Discover the Foundation of Personal and Professional Success with

CRG’s Expertly Designed eCourse.


14 Life Changing Lessons

Once you figure out who you are, your whole world starts to change!
Personal Style Indicator (PSI) Assessment Included (Value $45)
Once completed you get your own personalized 20-page
Personal Style Indicator Assessment Report
6 Hours of Easy to Digest Training Videos
14 Simple Modules
21-page PSI Models Workbook
9 Short and Fun Quizzes
And Your Personalized Certificate of Completion



Exclusive Learning at

Your Own Pace


This eCourse is designed to show you exactly
how to improve your life through mastering your
Enroll now to get complete access
to video lessons along with an exclusive content
only available in this course. Learn at your own
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Learn How to Transform Yourself with the
Why Aren’t You More Like Me? eCourse


Once You Figure Out Who You Are, Your Whole World Starts to Change!

This course helps you discover your authentic self, by increasing your effectiveness in all areas of your life. Understand the
Secrets of “How to become more “Likeable” in business and life!” Dr. Keis will teach you how to master yourself and
transform others as a leader in any field.

Are you ready to radically improve your self-confidence and transform into the greatest you?

Students Give This

Personal Style eCourse a

4.9 out of 5

star rating.


“Participants were intrigued with the Personal Style Indicator as each person began to understand their strengths and areas to improve, they were able to recognize strengths in others and how each could be motivated. Participants gained an understanding of personal styles through Ken’s thorough and entertaining presentation. Many commented on how well he kept their interest throughout the presentation, and that they went away empowered to work with their leadership teams”

Pat Tonn,

Youth Development Specialist
BC Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food



Ken Keis has written the definite go-to guide for understanding what makes you
-and people around you- tick. Why Aren’t You More Like Me? is a fascinating read,
because it’s all about you! This book/course will challenge the way you think about
yourself and your world”

Ken Blanchard

New York Times Bestselling Author of The One Minute Manager and Lead with LUV



“Ken Keis presented a seminar on the Personal Style Indicator. Ken’s knows how to established a good atmosphere for learning. I found that the PSI seminar proved beneficial in building a better interpersonal relations and a strengthened our work team”

Earl Jenstand,



Watch these course testimonials!

Just some of the over 1,000,000 clients who have used the 
Personal Style Indicator and the contents of this
Why Aren’t You More Like Me? course to transform

individually, as a team and as an organization


About Your Course Leader Dr. Ken Keis


Ken Keis, Ph.D. is an expert in leadership, wellness, purpose and behavioral assessments. In fact, Dr. Keis has conducted the content of this eCourse in a live or online format nearly 1000 times over the past 30 years. He brings his highly engaging style with illustrations for you to experience in this course.

His passion is to equip individuals (through this course) with the emotional intelligence and self-awareness to improve their relationships and increase their success in all areas of their life.

Dr. Keis is also the host of the podcast series, Secrets of Success, Keis’ material is proven to increase productivity and reduce conflict.

His message applies to both business and personal use. As a bestselling author, he has written or co-written four books, 12 assessments and over 500 articles.

Hundreds of thousands have experienced Dr. Keis in live presentations, and over a thousand professional developers and leaders have been through CRG’s PMAC – Professional Mastery & Assessments Certification 3-Day training program.

Dr. Keis’ seminars are beneficial for corporations, small businesses, schools, churches, and government agencies. These time-tested strategies work to improve results, lower stress, minimize employee turnover and dramatically improve communications.

Ken is the owner of CRG Consulting Resource Group, International, Inc. a leading provider of the cutting-edge CRG Holistic Assessment System which now offers a dozen different assessments.

Class Workbook

A downloadable workbook complements each class with lesson recaps and exercises.


You’ll receive your PSI Certificate of Completion.


Office Hours

Dr. Ken will be available to answer questions and provide feedback.

Lesson Plan Sequence



Welcome to Why Aren’t You More

Like Me? – A PSI Workshop

  • Congratulations On Registering For Our Course – We Believe It Will Change Your Life!



  • What Are We Going To Cover In this Course?
  • Let’s Confirm What You Believe Or Know About Personality And Personal Style.


Are You Ready For Change?

  • What Is Readiness To Change?
  • What Is Willingness To Change?
  • How Ready And Willing Are You?


Credibility – Don’t Leave Home

Without It!

  • The Definition Of Credibility.
  • Why is Credibility Important
    Or Is It?
  • How To Instantly Increase Your Credibility.


Developing the Whole Person – You!

  • Are We Nature Or Nurture?
  • Personality A Complete Definition.
  • CRG’s Proprietary Personality Development Factors Model


What is Personal Style?


  • CRG’s Definition of Personal Style?
  • What Personal Style Is Not!


Your Personal Style Indicator (PSI) Report

  • Reviewing Your PSI Results
  • What Do Your PSI Scores Mean? Part 1
  • What Are Your PSI Patterns And Why Are They The Most Important Part Of your PSI Report?
  • Reviewing Your PSI In-Depth Interpretations. Part 2


Understanding CRG’s Four


  • Behavioral Action
  • Cognitive Analysis
  • Interpersonal Harmony
  • Affective Expressive


Sustaining Engagement In Life

The Water Glass Demonstration


The Personal Style Model

  • CRG’s Breakthrough Theory of Personal Style
  • New Definitions of Extroversion and Introversion – Why Most Of The World Has It Wrong?
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal – What Does That Mean?
  • People and Task – What Is Your Level In Both Of These?


Step One: Translating

  • A System On How To Read Others In Just A Couple Minutes.
  • People Are Constantly Leaving Us Clues Of Who They Are But Are You Paying Attention?


Step Two: Suspending

  • A System On How To Read Others In Just A Couple Minutes.
  • People Are Constantly Leaving Us Clues Of Who They Are But Are You Paying Attention?


Step Three: Style-Shifting

  • Understanding What Others Need and Want From You.
  • Building Relationships Is The Opposite Of Being Self-Centered!


Next Steps

  • What Did You Learn In This Course – A Power Review?
  • Taking Action
  • Becoming A Student of
    Style For Life!
  • Thank You