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Explore and expand your leadership skills and become the leader you were born to be.

Become a Natural Born Leader

Welcome to the CRG Leadership Academy, where exceptional leadership begins. Our academy is your gateway to personal and professional growth, designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an outstanding leader.

Here is why your career NEED our Leadership Academy:


  • Improve Your Leadership Skills: Learn how to elevate your leadership abilities, whether a seasoned executive or an emerging leader. This Academy is tailored to help you become your best leader.
  • Improve Your Ability to Adapt: Embrace change and adapt to evolving situations. Discover the secrets that empower resilient leaders to thrive, no matter what comes their way.
  • Elevate Team Performance: Create a positive and productive work environment that boosts team morale and overall performance. This Academy will show you how to make it happen, so that you and your team can thrive.
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence: Understand and manage your emotions and your team’s. Enhance your emotional intelligence to make better decisions and foster a supportive work culture.
  • Drive Organizational Success: By embracing these secrets, you can help your organization succeed, grow, and thrive in the long-term.

So That You Can:


  • Mentorship and Coaching: Successful leaders often become mentors or coaches for aspiring leaders. They can share their knowledge, experiences, and insights to help others reach their leadership potential.
  • Continued Personal Growth: Leadership development is a lifelong journey. Even successful leaders continue to seek personal and professional growth, whether through further education, workshops, or self-improvement.
  • Strategic Leadership: Some successful leaders transition into more strategic or visionary roles within their organizations. They focus on shaping the future direction and long-term goals of the company.
  • Entrepreneurship: A successful leader may choose to start their own business or venture, applying their leadership skills to a new endeavour.
  • Industry Thought Leadership: They may establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry, sharing their expertise through public speaking, writing, and influencing the field.
  • Philanthropy and Social Impact: Some leaders use their success to make a positive impact on society. They may engage in philanthropic activities or launch initiatives to address social and environmental issues.
  • Retirement and Enjoyment: After a long and successful career, some leaders opt for a well-deserved retirement to enjoy the fruits of their labor and spend more time with family and personal interests.

We Are Dedicated to Transforming Individuals Into Exceptional Leaders

What is it included?


Once You Figure Out Who You Are, Your Whole World Starts to Change!
This course helps you discover your authentic self, by increasing your effectiveness in all areas of your life. Understand the Secrets of “How to become more “Likeable” in business and life!” Dr. Keis will teach you how to master yourself and transform others as a leader in any field.

trainers ecourse

This course has been specifically designed to help you assist others in discovering their true and authentic selves, thereby enhancing their effectiveness in all areas of life. It equips you with the necessary skills to teach others the unique and powerful content of the Personal Style Indicator. Additionally, this course also enables you to learn how to read others and increase your credibility in all your relationships.

This course is specifically designed to assist you in gaining clarity about your life direction, your WHY. It will help you discover your reason for living, what motivates you, and what you truly want to achieve in life! With a vast majority of the population disengaged at work and only a small percentage living their life On Purpose, the need for this course has never been greater. We will guide you on this journey and help you uncover what is most important to you.

What would it mean if you could make the Right Decision Every Time?
When you determine your personal and professional values preferences, you become more intentional with the choices you make in life. This course is designed to help you identify areas where you can increase your fulfillment and purpose. Dr. Keis will teach you how to reduce conflicts and increase harmony by making others aware of your top values and needs.


Designed to Show You EXACTLY what your stress levels are in five categories and then based on your results, what specific steps you can take to reduce your stress and improve your wellness.
(supported by CRG’s Stress Indicator and Health Planner assessment)


This course instantly increases your Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Effectiveness with others. Understand the Secrets of “How to build instant rapport, credibility and positive relationships with your clients and potential clients! As a top sales performer himself, Dr. Keis will teach you how to master yourself and improve every aspect of the sales and customer service experience. 

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Additional Benefits:

Unlock your leadership potential, connect with a supportive community, and access the CRG courses you need to excel. Join the Leadership Academy today and embark on a transformational journey toward becoming an influential and accomplished leader.

Your leadership evolution starts here!

Free Access to CRG Resources

Access CRG’s extensive library of assessments, tools, and resources to deepen your understanding of yourself and others.

Weekly Video Insights and Blogs

Receive weekly video updates packed with tips, thoughts, and expert blogs, keeping you informed and inspired throughout your leadership journey.

Monthly Group Calls with Dr. Ken Keis

Engage in exclusive monthly calls with Dr. Ken Keis, gaining personalized insights and guidance from a seasoned leadership expert.

Engaging Facebook Group

Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, fostering meaningful discussions and networking opportunities.

Affordable Membership:

Enjoy all these benefits and courses for an incredibly affordable investment:


Pay $3,997 USD Annually


Pay $397 USD per month

12 Month Minimum

Support resources

Why Aren’t You More Like Me? -Book

Without this book, you have only scraped the surface of understanding personal style. Would you like to know more about style and how you can use it to improve your life, relations and interactions with others? The Third Edition of the book, is authored by Dr. Ken Keis. Learn more about interacting with others and how style affects every area of your life.

Here’s What You Will Get and Learn:
Take your personal style knowledge and understanding to the next level with the book.

  • You will receive your own personalized report on your specific style pattern(s) and how to personally increase your effectiveness with self and others—View a Sample Report
  • Learn about the one factor that without it you will forever be hindered in your ability to build lasting relationships.
  • That developing your weaknesses is a myth and highly overrated. You will learn to play and design a life that plays to your strengths and natural predisposition.
  • Learn how to lead and inspire others who are different than you.
  • Learn how to match your personal style to the nature of the work and roles so that you will have a fulfilling work life.
  • Learn to avoid this one condition that without it you will not be able to sustain your engagement or personal energy.
  • Learn what our parents told us was wrong with us is actually right with us.
  • Learn about a holistic development model and strategies to advance and improve all the areas of your life.
  • Learn that what we were all taught about introversion and extroversion is flawed and embrace a more powerful explanation of why we prefer what we prefer.
  • Be able to intentionally make decisions in all areas of your life with confidence—every time.

Take your personal style knowledge and understanding to the next level

The Quest For Purpose – Book

A Self-Discovery Process To Find It And Live It!

Gallup research confirmed that nearly 90% of employees are indifferent or actively disengaged at work. Less than 10% of the population believes that they are living a fulfilling life On Purpose! These are disturbing statistics. That means there is a 9 out of 10 chance that you are one of these unfulfilled individuals—would you like to change that? The Quest For Purpose is a roadmap for assisting individuals to live a life full of meaning, significance, and purpose.

Some of what you will gain and learn:

  • Why meaning comes before purpose
  • The mindset required to succeed
  • On Purpose character traits
  • What you really value
  • How to make the right decisions in your life—every time
  • What excites and interests you
  • Your Master Life Purpose
  • Your core passions
  • A clear vision in all areas of your life
  • An action plan
  • How to live your life On Purpose

Transforming Leadership – Book

Transforming Leadership: Equipping Yourself and Coaching Others to Build the Leadership Organization

The need for competent leaders and leadership has never been greater!

If you want to learn what it REALLY takes to be a successful leader, our Transforming Leadership book is for you! In his 300 page, no-fluff book, Dr. Terry Anderson will coach you to develop the critical skills needed to become an effective leader.

The book and development model is used around the world in numerous university leadership and communication courses. In addition, leadership centers from Brussels to Banff use the Transforming Leadership book as an anchor point to their curricula and leadership retreat formats.

This is the supportive companion piece to complete the Leadership Skills Inventory–Self or LSI-360°

Transforming Leadership will provide you with

  • An Opportunity and Challenge to Self-Examine;
  • A Renewed Sense of Purpose;
  • Clarity of Your Foundational Beliefs; and
  • A Broad Spectrum of Leadership Knowledge and Skills.

Transforming leaders don’t happen by accident.

Start your journey to transforming leadership today.


You should know, the most effective thing I ever did with my CEO career was using your services in getting all board and senior management the knowledge of their personal tendencies along with their other team members. I have always modelled my management style around understanding as best I can others Personal Style tendencies along with my own, and it did wonders for the relationships I was able to develop and nurture with those I had the pleasure of working with.”

Fred Townley McKay
former CEO for over 20 years


Transforming Leadership offers not only the direction and road map for the leadership and development journey, this articulate book gives us the supplies and nourishment to thrive along the way.

Jim Kouzes,
Author, New York Times Bestseller, The Leadership Challenge


I have found you and your company very professional, competent, and in-depth in your approach. I am appreciative of the fact that you had us examine the bigger picture first and confirm that the proposed solution links to our stated objectives. Beginning with our two-day Executive Retreat, to the analysis of data from the “Leadership Skills Inventory,” I believe you have been sincere in wanting to make a positive difference.

Don M. Enns, General Manager
Cantest Ltd.


The Leadership Skills Inventory opens your eyes to the complexity of Leadership. You quickly learn that each section is a developmental process that each individual Leader must experience, you will become confident and prepared to be more effective with a wide range of individuals, groups and organizational issues. Completing this learning program will position you to manage less and lead more.

Val Wilson, President
Val Wilson, Ink

Ken Keis Presents a Life-Changing Book on Leadership

Deliberate Leadership | Inspirational Moment

A Quick Chat on Leadership with Ken