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Get rewarded for your referral efforts!

We understand the power of relationship marketing, especially with the influence of online communities and social media.

That’s why CRG offers a free online Affiliate Program as part of our business model!

CRG’s Affiliate Program

CRG’s Affiliate Program is a proprietary system designed to reward individuals, not-for-profit organizations, internal corporate training departments, HR professionals, and anyone using or promoting CRG’s tools.

Why Register as an CRG Affiliate:

Participation in the Affiliate Program is free

  • Registration will take less then 3 minutes
  • Easy to use your partner ID in any digital application from a link in your email to embedded partner links is CRG product images on your site. You can place a link or any CRG product image on your website, email signature, social media communications, online blogs or postings, or in any electronic file.
  • Once an individual or organization is linked, your referral is permanently connected to you; and you receive Affiliate fees on anything they buy now – and in the future.

10% of the purchase amount by your referrals!

The CRG Affiliate Program was Designed with These Key Objectives:

  • Leverage–We wanted CRG Affiliates to have the ability to connect CRG to groups of any size and be rewarded for their efforts.
  • Permanent–This means that once any contact registers on the site using your Partner ID, you have created a forever-relationship and an ongoing potential revenue stream.
  • Easy to Use–Once you have registered, the Partner area has the resources and instructions required to deploy and engage the CRG Affiliate Program.
  • Reward Referrals–The program has been created to reward Affiliates who refer individuals or organizations that utilize CRG resources and those who purchase through your referral.
  • Revenue Opportunity for Large Organizations–This Affiliate Program applies to all types of relationships-large non-profit organizations, Fortune 1000 companies, small business, and individuals.
  • Global Reach–The CRG Affiliate Program applies to anyone around the world. There are no limitations. There are no restrictions.
  • Create a Passive Residual Revenue Source for CRG Affiliates.
  • No Limit on Rewards! If an Affiliate is proactive and intentional there is no limit to what they can earn.
  • Free–the Affiliate Program is accessible to everyone.
Become an Affiliate and earn residual income while helping your clients, friends, and family realize their potential.