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What Do You Really Want to Do with Your Life? Discovering Your Purpose

Note: This article contains excerpts from my latest book:

The Quest For Purpose: A Self-Discovery Process to Find It and Live It!


The point at which something springs into being or from which it derives or is obtained; one that causes, creates or initiates; a maker; one, such as a person or document, that supplies information; the point or part of a system where energy or mass is added to the system.

Your Life Leaves Clues

Odds are, this article is for you or certainly for someone you know. Why? Because four out of five individuals dislike their life and work—and only 10% of the population feels passionate and “on purpose” with their lives.

Have you ever felt you deserved more—more fulfillment, more satisfaction, more success, more significance?

I believe each and every person—including you—is here for a reason. You were created with specific interests, talents and gifts that can excite and motivate you. You simply need to embark on a path to self-discovery. Only you can uncover the hidden treasure that you seek! Only you can find your Purpose.

What do I mean by Purpose? Metaphorically speaking, it refers to your innate talents, gifts, interests and abilities. Everyone has them, whether or not they acknowledge them. Some argue that abilities are developed over time as part of one’s environment; others contend that people are born with these internal motivating factors.

With the Quest process, it really does not matter why you are attracted to something. The important thing is that you are!

Interests are gifts given to you by your birthright. They capture your awareness and concentration. They are compelling. Interests create your sense of self, uniqueness and drives. You must identify them because they represent your “real” self. As they are permitted to flourish, you thrive.

For example, I have no idea why I love speaking, writing and building businesses. I just know that I do. In fact, after 31 years and 3000 presentations, I enjoy training and speaking even more now than before. Does it really matter from where these interests originate? No it does not!

Everyone reading this has Quest/Purpose factors and elements. Some are not aware of them or have not given themselves permission to discover them. After all, finding is reserved for the searcher. If you are not looking, how can you find? 

What else could limit your Quest journey?

  • Fear can play a strong role in hindering individuals. Rather than go on a treasure hunt, they would rather stay put and embrace the certainty of misery rather than the misery of uncertainty.
  • Some get caught in cultural and social pressures, especially when it comes to work, business and careers. Recently, I met someone whose husband was forced by the family (driven by culture) to become a medical doctor. After 15 years of attempting this profession, he still could not pass the exams to become a doctor. It is not—nor was it ever—his purpose to become a doctor; it was his family’s.
  • Some people simply get stuck and feel they have no way out. Many know they are not really connected to their lives and have no idea where to start to make changes.
  • Others struggle with issues of worthiness. They live under limiting beliefs and conditions that match their insecurities and feelings of low self-worth.

The reasons really do not matter. I want to encourage you to be openminded to all the possibilities and to your thoughts. Through this window of no restrictions, you will find your greatest discoveries.

A question for you… 

If nothing changed in your life/business in the next five years, would that be okay with you?

If you answered No, you are ready for the Quest roadmap. If you answered Yes, you can use the Quest process as a validation process.

The Quest For Purpose: A Different Approach

It seems the mandate of the developed world is to convert people into constant consumers. The premise of many books on success is that everyone wants to get rich quick, although that is not always the case. Many of you are already millionaires, or you will eventually become one.

But that is not the point of the Quest process.

Quest is about your Becoming and Being, which will result in your Doing

Having will be an outcome of the previous three. You comfort level around Having should be defined only by you—not by social expectations or pressure.

Your Quest process never stops. Be open and ready for new adventures and opportunities.

Action Steps

Quest Strategies:
Challenging the Status Quo and Myths

  1. The myth of motivation. The pursuit of your interests requires no motivation, because you enjoy doing them. You require motivation only for things that do not interest you. If you need motivation, you must question why.
  2. Your life leaves clues. There are innumerable clues to your purpose. They are everywhere. Learn to recognize them. They all radiate a common quality—they make you feel good inside.
  3. Change of form—not content. Your interests may change their form and shape throughout your life, but their substance never changes.
  4. Your interests nourish you and help you survive difficult times. You are empowered by your interests—whatever form they may take.
  5. An idea precedes money. Money never precedes an idea; it always follows. The myth that states, “Give me the money and I’ll get this done!” is just that—a myth.
  6. Beware of negative gurus. Negative gurus are well-meaning relatives, friends and associates who impede the flow of our creative ideas by telling us how impractical (or even stupid) they are.
  7. The power of a subtle approach. Many of today’s self-development programs are based on drama and hype to seduce individuals into get-fixed-quick or get-rich-quick schemes. Source is about you—calm, centered and grounded, not hyper, frantic and chaotic. Subtle development is more manageable and believable, and it fits naturally into the normal ebb and flow of your life.
  8. Creating a masterpiece takes time. Conversely, sufficient time does not always result in a masterpiece. The Quest For Purpose process, if done thoughtfully, could take you several days, weeks or even months. But so what? What were you doing with this time, anyway?
  9. You’ll need processes to guide you. My purpose is to help others find their purpose. The Quest For Purpose: A Self-Discovery Process to Find It and Live It! will guide you to uncovering your purpose.
  10. Be responsible. Living your purpose is a responsible way to lead your life, because you are being accountable to yourself, your needs, interests and passions. Therefore, you are in the best place to help others and to contribute to your community. Don’t wait. Do it now.

Until next time, keep Living On Purpose!

Ken Keis



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