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Joint Venture

CRG Seeks to Establish Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Joint Venture Partners. 

CRG understands the power of leverage and relationship marketing, especially with the influence of online communities and social media.

Profile of CRG JV Partners:

CRG JV Partner is a professional or professional organization in one or more of the fields of career & workforce development, coaching, learning, education, consulting, training and development, sales, marketing, personnel, education, counseling and professional development. Or is an association/group that has a large network of constituents who can benefit from CRG resources, assessments and/or services. A JV Partner not only desires to serve their constituents to help them grow but wishes to create additional revenue sources with a minor amount of effort and/or resources.

Qualities of CRG JV Partners:

  • JVP has significant capabilities and capacity (is well networked with a large circle of influence within their market segment) in sales and marketing, a positive corporate image, and service capabilities to serve the needs of the JV Partner’s clients.
  • A JVP has significant capabilities and capacity (circle of influence within their market segment) a positive image and operates at the highest level of integrity.
  • JVPs embrace the concept of affiliate relationships and see the benefits of leveraging relationships for the mutual benefit of everyone—this includes themselves, their constituents, and CRG.
  • JVPs are easy to work with and embrace a cooperative partnership mindset.

Why Consider Partnering with CRG?

  • Over 40 Year Track Record

    Since CRG’s inception in 1979, we have successfully helped people enrich their lives and assisted individuals, teams, and organizations realize their potential. We have improved the lives of millions of people by giving them the tools and support they need to live, lead, and work On Purpose. CRG has invested significant resources into technology systems and implementation tools to help our valued partners—such as your organization—achieve a personal touch and delivery of our proven solutions with as little effort as possible.

Quality of Products and Services

  • CRG has a longstanding track record of an 80% “switch rate” from other models to CRG assessments once the professionals understand our unique and proprietary models/design/process. This includes the number one-rated Personality Assessment Globally.
  • CRG has been acknowledged as the number-one Business Service Provider by The Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards Selected as one of the top three leadership development and training experts globally (surpassing others like Disney University and Ken Blanchard Training) via the LEAD (Leadership Excellence) 500 Awards hosted by

Depth and Breadth of Offers

  • CRG has developed a holistic set of assessments and online content to grow the whole person, allowing CRG to provide its JV Partners (JVPs) with diverse options to meet their constituents’ various needs.

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