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KnowMe: The Award Winning Game

KnowMe™ is the award winning interactive suite of board games for building trust and relationships used in over 30 countries by many different types of organizations. KnowMe™ is for integrating teams; managing change; turning diversity into strength; building communities; enhancing personal mastery; and improving communications. 

KnowMe™ is played by groups of 3 to 6 players. The questions on the cards enable participants to exchange information and feelings about themselves, each other and their organization.

During the course of the game, participants develop insights and skills for dealing with issues among both individuals and groups. Based on concerns raised during the play, groups can engage in evaluation and potential solutions.

Once you have purchased the primary board game you can access different card decks for different purposes as well as use it over and over again with various groups and applications.

Use it to:

Integrate Teams

Manage Change

Improve Communications

Expand Self-Awareness

Increase Emotional Intelligence

Master the Skill of Giving and Receiving Feedback

Create an atmosphere of trust among players and have fun getting to KnowMe™!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.