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Whereas mentoring is reactive with the onus on the person being mentored to initiate contact, coaching is proactive, based on developmental needs, objectives for improvement and timelines for accomplishment.

What was once thought of as an extra – coaching is now viewed as foundational to an individual’s or organizational success. Today’s busy executives, leaders and managers rarely schedule time for themselves. Yet private focused time can provide the perspective people need to increase personal, professional and corporate effectiveness. A recent study determined that executive coaching had an average payback of six-to-one. This ROI is just based on short-term gains; the ROI multiples overtime are significant.

CRG awarded one of the Top Ten Coaching Programs
Globally by Lead 500 Awards!

Coaching is a unique opportunity to focus and move forward on your personal, professional, and organizational goals through the exploration of ideas and candid dialogue with a confidential and unbiased thinking partner.

The purpose of can be as varied as the individuals who engage the process. We have started with an individual focusing on executive  objectives and soon transition to life coaching. Our goal is always to serve the client to improve their condition in our areas of expertise:

  • Personal & Life
  • Executive & Leadership
  • Christian

Personal & Life Coaching:

Whether you are a corporate executive, business owner, professional or an individual who wants more out of life, you’ve probably thought about coaching services. If you are facing challenges at work or home or want to move up to a higher level of success or happiness that is why we are here to serve. First, you are not alone in this as we all have times where we seek feedback from others.

In fact, Dr. Keis, CEO & President of CRG credits his coach Mike, back in 1989 for bringing clarity to his life – which has now influenced his life for the past three decades.

There is no judgement here – if you are feeling stuck, not knowing what you want, uncertain about the future, or you are not living in alignment with your values, or unclear about your purpose in life that’s why we are here to support and serve others on their journey of life. Or maybe you are unsatisfied with your relationships but don’t know how to make lasting changes we can assist there as well.

Personal Coaching Level One –

$12,500 USD

  • A seven-month engagement
  • CRG assessments Personal Style Indicator & Values Preference Indicator
  • Confirmation of objectives
  • Metrics for success
  • One-hour proprietary coach process call each month
  • Deadlines, timelines, and accountabilities
  • Mandatory regular phone calls
  • Unlimited email
  • Unlimited additional phone calls

All-In Transformational Coaching

$20,000 USD

All the items in Personal Coaching Level One plus:

  • A 10-month engagement
  • CRG Leadership Academy included
  • Mandatory monthly session
  • Mandatory regular phone calls
  • Personal meetings as desired and we deem appropriate*. (Client to travel to CRG location at their expense.)


These coaching processes are an accelerated development for you.

Obviously, we are taking on very few people so it is first come first serve, no issues are outside of our confidential discussions. With over 10,000 hours of  mentoring and consulting experience, we don’t restrict your objective list.

We will be in contact regularly.

The greatest investment you’ll make here is your commitment to respond to someone who is driving your progress, and to incorporate the needed actions into your life.

The financial investment for Level One is $12,500. That amount is payable in full on commencement.

The All In Transformational package is $20,000 or you can pay $10,000 on commencement and $10,500 in 90 days.

Note: If the second payment is not made the program will stop with no refunds for any reason.

There are no refunds of any payments in this program for any reason unless we cancel your participation because we feel you do not want to be helped or by not keeping your commitments. In which case we will provide a pro rata refund.

You may start at any time, however there are no “breaks” or “freezes.” The program is ongoing for the seven months for Level One or 10 months for the All In Transformation package.

Executive & Leadership Coaching:

  Many leaders, managers and executives, attempting to navigate the waters of their career or serving others in leadership don’t have the skills to go to the next level. Research has confirmed many leaders or executives are not self-aware of their impact or how others “really” view or experience them.

Are you responsible for selecting coaches for others like high-potentials or talent development we help others advance their already successful career?

Consulting Resource Group is well-known as one of the most effective and innovative executive firms in the country. Our passion and energy are infectious, motivating and encouraging. CRG has a no-nonsense style in which we advise, challenge, provoke, guide and push clients to realize their potential

Christian Coaching:

Some individuals or professionals appreciate a faith-based approach or underpinning to the  process other for personal or executive. That is possible through CRG as we can align a link minded coach with your faith values.

If Interested in Mentoring Instead


Your services, your consulting & coaching expertise, and your ability to communicate effectively exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much for your participation and leadership of our ‘Business Process Redesign’ projects

Steve J. Landry
Western Regional Manager, Chrysler