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Best Selling Professional Development Books

Developing clarity, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self mastery and leadership skills is the best investment you could ever make. Our books teach you life skills that you can take with you and apply for the rest of your life. 

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Why Aren’t You More Like Me?™ Discover the Secrets to Understanding Yourself and Others

The third edition of this book provides a roadmap for knowing yourself better and for understanding others! Each person has a distinct Personal Style or Personality!

Includes online code to the number one personality assessment the Personal Style Indicator (value $45).

The research is clear: Only 2% of individuals will realize their potential without the knowledge contained in this book.

Authored by Dr. Ken Keis the co-author of the Personal Style Indicator, Deliberate Leadership and author of The Quest For Purpose. Learn more about interacting with others and how style affects every area of your life.

Available in softcover and ePub.


“The first question followers want leaders to answer is “Who are you?” They want to know what you can care about and why the ought to follow you. You’ll be able to address those questions and more when you read the book from Dr. Ken Keis Why Aren’t You More Like Me? It is a refreshing clear, comprehensive and practical guide to discovering your Personal Style, what motivates you, and how to adapt to situations and the styles of others.

If you want to improve your personal effectiveness-in a way that is genuine and credible-this book is a great place to start!”

Jim Kouzes
Author, New York Times Bestseller, The Leadership Challenge

Deliberate Leadership Creating Success Through Personal Style

The Life-Changing Book on Leadership!

The principles and strategies in Deliberate Leadership apply to everyone who wants to lead self and others more effectively—whether you are a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Law Enforcement or Military Officer, Small Business Owner, University Dean, Volunteer Leader, Pastor, Shift Supervisor, Student or Parent.

Learn the 2 main reasons why leaders fail and the top 3 skills every leader must have to succeed.

Includes online code to the number one personality/leadership style assessment the Personal Style Indicator (value $45).

Available in softcover and ePub versions.


“Keis and Javidi articulate a new and fascinating framework for achieving greater results as a leader. All professionals who are striving to find or re-find their footing at work will benefit from the key principles and thought-provoking exercises posed in this powerful, interactive book!

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Author, New York Times Bestseller, Triggers

The Quest For Purpose A Self-Discovery Process To Find It And Live It!

Gallup research confirmed that nearly 90% of employees are indifferent or actively disengaged at work. Less than 10% of the population believes that they are living a fulfilling life On Purpose! These are disturbing statistics. That means there is a 9 out of 10 chance that you are one of these unfulfilled individuals—would you like to change that?

The Quest For Purpose is a roadmap for assisting individuals to live a life full of meaning, significance, and purpose!

Available in softcover, hardcover, and ePub versions.


“Clarifying what you really want in life is a mystery for millions of people around the world.

Discovering your true purpose requires an even deeper level of awareness and understanding. This is where the magic happens and author Dr. Ken Keis has simplified the way to fulfillment and happiness in his ground breaking book, The Quest For Purpose.

Buy it, study it, and craft your own unique life-changing purpose. Then watch your energy and confidence soar!”

Les Hewitt
Author, New York Times Bestseller, The Power of Focus

Transforming Leadership Skills for the 21st Century Leader

If you want to learn what it REALLY takes to be a successful leader, our Transforming Leadership book is for you!

Based on our 40 years of research, we outline 12 leadership principles and 60 foundational skills in 5 categories which apply to everyone in leadership.

In his 300 page Dr. Terry Anderson will coach you to develop the critical skills needed to become an effective leader.

The book and development models are now being used around the world in numerous university leadership and communication courses as well as is the basis of CRG’s Leadership Skills Inventory assessments.

CRG Partners around the globe use the Transforming Leadership framework for their curricula, leadership retreat and coaching formats.


Transforming Leadership is a must read for anyone who wants to make a difference in the future. It presents ways we can respond to these uncertain times and everyone, including ourselves, win!”

Dr. Kenneth Blanchard
Co-Author, New York Times Bestseller, The One Minute Manager