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Transforming Leadership


Transforming Leadership: Equipping Yourself and Coaching Others to Build the Leadership Organization

The need for competent leaders and leadership has never been greater!

If you want to learn what it REALLY takes to be a successful leader, our Transforming Leadership book is for you!

Available in Hardcover Only

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In his 300 page, no-fluff book, Dr. Terry Anderson will coach you to develop the critical skills needed to become an effective leader.

The book and development model is now being used around the world in numerous university leadership and communication courses. In addition, leadership centers from Brussels to Banff use the Transforming Leadership book as an anchor point to their curricula and leadership retreat formats.

This is the supportive companion piece for the Leadership Skills Inventory–Self or the Leadership Skills Inventory – 360º

Transforming Leadership will provide you with

  • An Opportunity and Challenge to Self-Examine;
  • A Renewed Sense of Purpose;
  • Clarity of Your Foundational Beliefs; and
  • A Broad Spectrum of Leadership Knowledge and Skills.

Transforming leaders don’t happen by accident!

Start your journey to transforming leadership today.

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