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Become a Partner with CRG
Are You Interested In …

  • Accessing a holistic assessment and learning system to instantly increase your credibility and results with your clients?
  • Becoming part of a network of exceptional colleagues who are your personal and professional development peers?
  • Creating new transactional, passive and residual streams of revenue?
  • Having the opportunity to do business globally and online and earn income through those activities?
  • Making a difference and transforming other people’s lives?

Come Join CRG!

CRG seeks to connect with professionals and professional development organizations in any of the helping fields: consulting, training, seminar (live and virtual), speaking, HR, education, coaching, counseling, career, instructional design, e-learning, online learning. CRG seeks to connect with professionals and professional development organizations who want to deliver the highest standards, credibility, and impact to the marketplace and their clients. 

Note: Any professional developer (coach, consultant, speaker, trainer) can immediately access CRG assessments and solutions to serve their clients without attending certification.

Why Consider Partnering with CRG?

  • Comprehensive Offering including the Number-One rated Personality Assessment and 12 Assessments
  • Access to CRG’s Proprietary Holistic Development Models and Congruent Approach
  • User-Friendly Resources Designed to Create Learning Experiences
  • Connect with a Like-Minded Community of Professionals and Peers
  • Build Your Own Brand with CRG’s Application Protocol Interface (API) with Co-Branded
  • Capabilities for Site and Reports
  • Multi-Language Offerings and Capabilities
  • Develop a Global Business—Right from Your Location
  • Infinite and Diverse Applications
  • The Right to Special High-Volume Annual Licensing Packages

To qualify to apply to become a CRG Licensed Associate, you must offer your services to others as a third party for a fee. Completion of CRG’s Professional Mastery & Assessments Certification (PMAC) is also a requirement.

This training qualifies with most association and organizations for 30 Continuing Education Credits including ICF, IIC&M, SHRM and many others.


To learn more – go to our partner page and see which relationship option best fits your situation.

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