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Are You Getting the Results You Really Want?

Results: to come about as an effect or consequence

Are you getting the results you really want? If your answer is Yes, great! The rest of this article is for your review and affirmation.

But, if your results in all areas of your life are not where you would like them to be, please read on.

Most people—including me—have goals… of making money, attaining a certain fitness level, having great personal relationships and so on.

Have you fallen short in your results?

Example: Let’s say someone intended to purchase an investment property for X amount last year, but that never happened. So did they have the true intent to invest; or was it simply an idle wish. When they could not find an easy route to purchasing the property, they quit trying. The results you are experiencing in your life are equal to your true intent. Ouch! That statement hurts me as much as it might hurt many of you. I am holding my own feet to the fire this month. Many readers will also feel the heat. That’s all right; pressure creates diamonds.

Successful results are a reflection of your deepest, most focused commitments.

Here’s a personal example. A few years ago, I was in the best shape I had been in my life. I had been dedicated to increasing my fitness level and I’d been doing very well. However, I went on a six- week trip to Australia, had severe jet lag upon my return, for four weeks, and celebrations and travel continued. As a result, my fitness level declined.

What is my true intent?

Upon deeper reflection, I see my intent was to improve my fitness level, as long as it did not require too much sacrifice or inconvenience. My commitment was too shallow. My intent was just a wish—not a serious intent.

The question I need to ask is this: Do I really want the results that a higher fitness level will provide, or not? Because in the end, results speak louder than words.

Where in your life do you have a disparity between your perceived intent and your results? What is this costing you in missed opportunities, health, relationships, etc.?

Many individuals use the excuse that they do not understand what to do to get the results they want. Interestingly enough, the successful-results formula doesn’t require that you know the “how to” part first; it simply requires clear and intense intent.

Does my intent to be fit win or does the convenience factor win? The answer is that my highest intent will win out in the end.

If you truly want to change your results, you must change your intensity levels toward your intent. They must become so high that there is no alternative but to achieve your results. Motion begets motion. This means that taking action helps you take action.

One excellent example comes from the sales profession. As a past top sales performer and sales trainer, I know that many sales reps have great sales months when their backs are up against the wall. Maybe the month before was a disaster, or new bills arrived. No matter the reason, they had to perform that month or be out on the street.

They stepped up to get the results. It’s amazing what happens to results when there are no options. Think about sports when teams are in the final minutes of the game—urgency and action increase.

In the beginning of my sales career, I found my sales performance was better when I owed money to the bank on a short-term loan. There was no hiding behind savings or lukewarm intent; I had commitments that had to be met. Guess what? I always made them. Yes, it was a mental game I was playing with myself, but nevertheless, it works for increasing my level of intent.

So if you are not getting the results you want, it is time to put away the excuses.

This includes removing your statements of mild intent, unless you are willing to turn up the volume. If you don’t, your life will reflect many situations of “almost made it” and your personal credibility with self and others will erode as you keep missing the mark.

Do you know people who say they are going to take action to achieve something, yet never seem to follow through? What do you think when they talk about their next intent? Over time, you won’t give their words a second thought, as in the story of crying wolf.

Set your wishes aside for the moment. Focus on the items for which you’re willing to put your reputation at risk. By the way, this is not about just acquiring things; it’s about everything in your life… from health and relationships, to impacting your community, and of course your resources.

Yes, you do need to know the “how to” to get your results. If that’s all you needed, however, everyone would be healthy, wealthy and wise—and that’s just not the case, is it? There’s a plethora of information on “how to” about those topics, right?

In the end, the results you are getting in all areas of your life are speaking loudly about your true intent. I am not saying you don’t want more wealth or better personal relationships or improved health; however, unless you achieve results, some hidden agenda is trumping your cards. Consciously or unconsciously, you are living your true intent.


  • You want to increase your wealth, but are not willing to take any risks. Therefore, wealth is not your true intent.
  • You want to have a great relationship, but you always have to prove you are right and your partner is wrong. Therefore, happiness is not your true intent.
  • You want to be healthy but don’t discipline yourself in your activities and in healthy eating and drinking. Therefore, good health is not your true intent.

You get the picture.

Your results will come from being aligned with your values, gifts, talents and abilities. To assist you on this journey, I am recommending four resources for you! Are you serious about improving yourself? Meaning if you don’t engage new learning are you really serious

In the end, your results will speak louder than words. That is the ultimate accountability process.

Action Steps

Are You Getting the Results You Really Want?

  1. True results are a reflection of your deepest, most focused commitments.
  2. Are your results less than what you want? If so, list what you really want.
  3. If you are not getting the results you say you want, look deeper. What is your true intent behind your wants?
  4. If you are falling short of the mark (results), your want was more like a casual wish. Which wants in your life (be real) are more of a wish than a strong intent? List them now.
  5. Based on your list of wishes, what do you plan to keep, change or abandon? Document them now.
  6. It should always be your list, not someone else’s list.
  7. Make a list of wants that are non-negotiable. This list represents your strongest level of intent. There is no going back on this list.
  8. Make this a mental game. Attach some type of consequence in case you don’t achieve your desired results. For this game to work, your consequence needs to actually hurt if you don’t achieve your intent. Put something of value (money counts) on the table for a charity or give it to someone who will benefit from receiving it. If you can’t make this commitment, you have only a wish—not strong intent.
  9. Select a trusted accountability partner who will support and help push you through to your desired results. Share your intent and say that unless they can show tough love when necessary, you will select someone else.
  10. Get crystal clear about your values, gifts and talents by engaging the following resources:
    Why Aren’t YouMore Like Me? eCourse
    Why Aren’t You More Like Me? II PSI Trainer’s Certification eCourse
    What Do You Really Value? eCourse
    Dying To Live eCourse
    The Quest For Purpose eCourse

Values Preference Indicator, Stress Indicator and Health Planner, Self Worth Inventory, Personal Style Indicator. They will improve your results.

Be fully and completely engaged with your intent. Think, dream and embrace your intent at an emotional level. If you can’t do this, ask yourself if it is true intent or just a wish. If it is a wish, let it go until it can be yours at an intense level.

Remember: Unless you have true Intent, it will be difficult to maintain your intensity.

13. In the end, it is your results that everyone sees. The rest is just smoke and mirrors.

Yes, it’s time to be accountable and get the results you want and deserve. Turn up your intent until there are no other options. Go for it!

Until next time, keep Living On Purpose!


Ken Keis