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Leading, Selling, and Coaching With Style Level III


This workbook is the advanced application of CRG’s concepts of Translating, Suspending, and Style-Shifting. To use this handout and have participants engage the activities they must have completed a PSI/SSI workshop of at least 4-8 hours which included the full understanding of the PSI Model. This session  also requires that each participant have a copy of the Why Aren’t You More Like Me? or Deliberate Leadership book as a reference to apply the concepts and complete the case study work. This handout includes both Level II and Level III. This content can be used with either the Personal Style Indicator or Sales Style Indicator depending on the applications and core responsibilities of the group.

Allow 8 hours to complete Section One and Section Two of this workbook.

  (Includes Level II)

Contact CRG with any questions on facilitation requirements.

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This is a highly interactive process which requires a safe and support environment conducted by a skilled facilitator.

Section 1: Personal Application of Translating, Suspending, and Style-Shifting.

Part A – Translating, Suspending and Style-Shifting Applications in Your Role
Part B – Increasing Credibility/Trust with Others
Part C – How you Show up at Work
Part D – Leading with Style
Part E – Special Partner Activity

Section 2: Group and Team Case Study Exercise

Part A – Needs and Values of each Team Member
Part B – Coaching Jack as the Leader
Part C – Coaching Team Members
Part D – Case Study Debrief – Private

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