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Personal Style Indicator – 360º


The Personal Style Indicator 360º is a simple yet power process to capture how individuals experience Others. There are no right or wrong answers.  This process captures the perceptions and opinions of those around you and/or the person of “Focus” for the PSI 360º Report.

The PSI 360º is used in concert with an individual’s Personal Style Indicator results, which is purchased separately. The PSI 360º assessments and credits can only be used within the PSI 360º Report.

You can deploy for getting feedback for yourself or a third party. The system permits you to generate a report from just one response.

Volume Discounts Available
1-10 = $25 each
11-50 = $20 each
51-100 = $15 each
101+  = $10 each


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The Personal Style Indicator 360º  provides you and/or others with invaluable feedback to improve self-awareness - that’s positive and motivates people to take action to improve relationships – personal, professional and with yourself.

The Personal Style Indicator 360º Report requires that the individual who is the “focus” or receiving the feedback to have completed the Online Personal Style Indicator – which is a separate purchase but handled within the PSI 360º system – other by inserting a previous completed PSI or issuing a PSI to the individual who is the “Focus”.

The PSI 360° can assist you in doing the following:

  • Identify how others view and experience another individual.
  • Helps the person of “Focus” gain self-awareness on how others see them and how their behaviors are
  • Recognize the impact and effect that your/their interpersonal style has been having on the way you relate to
  • Confirm if the awareness of self – aligns and is congruent with
  • Better understand our style tendencies with others and learn to interact with them more effectively, to promote harmony and to increase our
  • Increase productivity and success by sharing a common language when talking with others.
  • Facilitates conversations with the 360° feedback observes, for a deeper understanding of each other’s perceptions, providing a road map for

Use the PSI 360º to:

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence
  • Foster Self-Awareness of Self and Others
  • Improve Performance & Communications
  • Decrease Conflict
  • Clarify Best Roles & Work Responsibilities
  • Build Positive Teams & Engagement
  • Equip Leaders
  • Help Individuals Realize Their Full Potential

Who can benefit:

  • All Employees & Team Members
  • Leaders/Managers
  • Youth (15 years and older)
  • Families
  • Potential Employees
  • Partners: Business and Personal


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