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ESSI Professional’s Guide – Downloadable


The ESSI Professional’s Guide will assist you with the understanding and application of the ESSI instruments, so you are informed and professionally responsible in the administration of this tool with your clients, students, or employees.

Instantly available in a downloadable PDF format.

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If you want to teach the Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator, but would like a deeper understanding and more background information on the tool then this 68 page ESSI Professional’s Guide will assist you.

The ESSI Professional’s Guide contains information on:

  • The Purpose and Need for the ESSI
  • How the ESSI and Related Tools were Developed
  • Applications for the ESSI
  • The Theory of Personal Style and how it Guided the Development of CRG’s Tools

Create a deeper understanding and appreciation for the ESSI and all of CRG Style tools with the information in this Professional’s Guide.

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