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ISI Trainer’s Guidelines – Downloadable


The ISI Trainer’s Guidelines will give you the framework for presenting and working through the Instructional Style Indicator with your clients.

Instantly available in a downloadable PDF format.


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Help your clients meet the needs of ALL their learners. The Instructional Style Indicator (ISI) was developed to help trainers, teachers, facilitators, and parents identify the way they prefer to teach, their strengths, and areas for change. Flexibility in teaching styles is beneficial to ensure all participants get the most from the session.

The ISI Trainer’s Guidelines will guide you through:

  • Discussions on Thinking and Learning Style Patterns;
  • Explaining the Definition of Learning Style; and
  • Outline adjusting your instructional style to meet the needs of different learning styles

Engage your participants with examples and exercises specific to the Instructional Style Indicator.

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