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Leadership Skills Inventory – 360°


One of the best ways to grow as a leader is to receive a 360º evaluation about your performance and productivity in your capacity as leader. Research shows that, contrary to popular belief, asking for feedback from others in the organization is strongly correlated to a leader’s overall effectiveness. The LSI-360º comes with a self assessment for the leader and confidential feedback from up to 10 others.

All CRG online assessments are responsive design and mobile friendly!

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Using 360 leadership assessments is one of the best ways to develop leadership within your organization.

You find yourself in a leadership position and, as any good leader, you want to grow and improve and you want your organization to grow and be successful. You understand that if you, as a leader, don’t keep growing then your organization won’t keep growing. So, you’ve committed to developing yourself and/or other leaders in the hopes that it will benefit your company.

We recommend that you get the Transforming Leadership book as a support and implementation resources for each leader.

The LSI 360º can assist you to do the following:

  • Have the ability to see where you are and where you are going!
  • Motivate you to make changes and tackle challenges.
  • Benchmark key skills levels for anyone in a leadership or supervisory role.
  • Confirm perceptions of your leadership skills levels as others see you.
  • Facilitate leadership-team development and responsibility allocation, based on leadership skills levels.
  • Establish framework and focus points for Executive and Leadership coaching.
  • Outline steps for a personal development strategy or plan.
  • Identify required skills for success in any leadership role or responsibility.


Use the LSI 360º to:

  • Establish agreement to the 12 Leadership Principles.
  • Assess competency in each of the 5 leadership sections.
  • Evaluate proficiency in the 60 Transforming Leadership Skills.
  • Confirm perceptions of leadership skills as others experience the leader, using the LSI-Others 360º feedback.
  • Determine the required professional development.
  • Identify required skills for success in any leadership role

Who can benefit:

  • All Leaders/Managers/Supervisors
  • Every Organization
  • Individuals Learning to Take a Leadership Role

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