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Team Values Indicator (TVI)

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What is the Team Values Indicator?

The TVI is a simple yet powerful process to help measure team values preferences. It is intended to be a clarity and educational tool while helping users gain a deeper understanding of the values that are most important to them and their team. The exercises in this Indicator have been designed so that participants can systematically examine fundamental values for the purpose of self-learning, group discussion, team development, and performance.

Note: The TVI is sold in team size packages for your convenience. Each TVI Package is for ONE report and ONE use of up to the team size package you have selected.

**One Report and One Use per TVI package
** Requires a Minimum of 3 Team Members for a TVI.
**Requires all Participants to complete Part One and Part Two of the TVI assessment before a final report is issued.


Choose an option
Team Values Indicator (TVI) – Up to 10
Up to 10 Team Members
Team Values Indicator (TVI) – Up to 25
Up to 25 Team Members
Team Values Indicator (TVI) – Up to 50
Up to 50 Team Members
Team Values Indicator (TVI) – Unlimited
Unlimited Team Members

The Team Values Indicator is one way of looking at your team culture and behavioral expectations. The research is clear – teams that know where and how they will conduct themselves are far more productive while creating much more positive working environments. As part of this process, we provided your facilitating team a list of 21 default team values (as defined by our research), with an additional list of team values which they could swap out with the default list. We also provided your team the ability to add your own team values and definitions as required.

This assessment can assist you to do the following:

  • Determine each team member’s most important team values.
  • Provide a process to help prioritize your team values.
  • Calculate and summarize your team's top values.
  • Have the team assess the level at which each value is being fulfilled or achieved.
  • Document insights and comments on how to better realize or implement each team value.
  • Compare each individual’s team values priorities with the overall team values.
  • Outline a development plan for each individual to engage and fulfill the identified team values.
  • Encourage each individual to review and consider the implications of their team values priorities and the team’s value priorities as defined by this process.
  • Create a roadmap to help the team and team members operate and live out the confirmed team values and related behaviors.
  • Make a more intentional team and organizational choices based on your agreed upon team values.
  • Reduce conflict and increase harmony as others become aware of your core team values.
  • Hire, promote and evaluate individuals and team performance based on your core values matrix.
  • Improve your work culture and performance as a values center and grounded team.

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Team Size

Up to 10, Up to 25, Up to 50, Unlimited

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