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VPI Trainer’s Guidelines – Downloadable


If you are a speaker, trainer, coach, facilitator, or workshop leader, the Values Preference Indicator Trainer’s Guidelines will assist you in presenting the VPI. It outlines specific talking points, professional insights and training sequences, tips, and processes.

Instantly available in a downloadable PDF format.

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As a speaker, trainer, coach, facilitator, workshop leader or HR professional you will find the Values Preference Indicator Trainer’s Guidelines (20 pages) an essential tool for presenting and using the VPI. Presentation options range from basic (no presentation) to advanced (30 minutes to 4 hours). These Guidelines have been updated to reflect the use of the online version of the VPI.

We highly recommend that you use the VPI PowerPoint when debriefing or conducting a workshop (both live or virtual) around the content of the VPI.

The VPI Trainer’s Guidelines provides you with:

  • Teach them how values and personal style work together.
  • Discuss why values are important and how they link to needs and fears.
  • A script detailing the main concepts of the VPI.
  • Group exercises.
  • Also available is a full eCourse “What Do You Really Value?”that you personally or others can complete with 3 hours of video and 19 modules.
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