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Why Don’t You Sell The Way That I Buy? NEW eCourse


The Why Don’t You Sell The Way That I Buy? ™ eCourse is Designed to Show You EXACTLY How to Improve Your Sales Through Mastering YOUR Selling Style (self-awareness) and Understanding Your Client Buying Style! RADICALLY improve your Self-Confidence and Transform into your Best self!

  • Are You Ready to learn how to improve your sales and your interactions with others?
  • RADICALLY improve your Self-Confidence and increase your sales results!
  • Learn how to Uncover the “Buying Styles” of your clients and prospects EASILY so you can communicate effectively!
  • Be part of our successful students who have increased their sales up to 41% by applying what they learned in this eCourse!

Volume Discounts Available

1-10 $297
11-50 $247
51-100 $227
101-250 $197
251-1000 $147
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Selling is one of the most important skills people should develop. It does not matter what our job or role is—we are all involved in selling. We are all selling our ideas and desires to others. This eCourse helps you and your team discover their natural selling style while instantly providing these same sales professionals a framework to determine clients’ preferred buying styles. Participants identify their specific style pattern(s), which assists them to instantly understand their strengths and potential challenges so they can be more effective sales managers, and customer service professionals.

This course includes the Sales Style Indicator (SSI) assessment ($45 value) the 80 pages Why Don’t You Sell The Way That I Buy?™ Workbook (value $30) in a downloadable PDF.
There are 19 modules with over 6 hours of engaging video content plus knowledge quizzes along the way.
Once you complete the entire course and pass the quizzes with at least 80% you will earn your Certificate of Completion.


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