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Print Instructional Style Indicator (ISI)

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The ISI and ISI In-Depth Interpretations (print version) comes in two separate booklets (but sold as a package) with the in-depth report outlining strengths as well as common areas of limitations. With the advent of mobile technology, we do highly recommend, (if possible) – that you consider the online version of the CRG assessments.

The Instructional Style Indicator is a compelling communication and learning tool that can instantly improve the instructional performance and results of any educator, teacher, speaker, trainer, facilitator, coach, or instructor.

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Print Instructional Style Indicator (ISI) – Print plus In-Depth Interpretations, English
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The ISI can assist you to increase your overall instructional effectiveness and equip you with strategies for being pro-active and intentional with all your learners. This tool is useful for everyone involved in the transfer of knowledge or skills, including those who prepare instruction or who do on-the-job training.

Instructing others to learn is certainly a high calling. It requires using the best possible strategies to achieve the outcome and results that all parties seek. Today, human knowledge is doubling about every 24 months. That means the need for instruction and continuous learning has never been greater.

The ISI can assist you to do the following:

  • Increase the success of your participants and students!
  • Better understand the style tendencies of your students.
  • Shift your instructional style to meet the student’s learning style needs.
  • Improve your instructional effectiveness immediately.
  • Increase your credibility with your learners.
  • Learn how to immediately implement instructional flexibility.
  • Develop a plan to increase your effectiveness in your interactions with your students.

Use the ISI to:

  • Increase Your Instructional Impact and Results
  • Build Mentor/Mentee Relationships
  • Hire and Evaluate Instructors
  • Confirm Instructional Style
  • Determine Instructional Limitations
  • Understand How to Teach Different Learning Styles

Who can benefit:

  • Teachers/Educators
  • Speakers and Trainers
  • Coaches/Mentors
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Instructors
  • Supervisors/Leaders
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