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Online Stress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP)


The Stress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP) helps you assess your stress and wellness level in five different categories. The SIHP is constantly being updated with the latest health and wellness research for you and your team – to first benchmark your condition -and then outline simple, yet power strategies to decrease your stress and increase your wellness. With 120 questions and over 24 pages of health recommendations – this is a powerful assessment and process for any individual or group who wants to improve their wellbeing.

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Did you know that according to the World Health Organization that 90-95% of all illness is lifestyle related and preventable? Did you also know that over 75% of individuals in the developed world are now overweight and over 50% are highly stress at work?

What does Stress Cost?

  • Over $300 billion, or $7,500 per employee, is spent annually in the U.S. and increasing every year.
  • Over 10% of GDP in the UK and Australia.
  • The highest stressed workers are in China with over 87% feeling highly stressed.

The Stress Indicator and Health Planner is an instrument designed to help you assess your current levels of stress and health in 5 Categories.

  1. Distress Levels – Physically, Psychologically & Behaviorally
  2. Interpersonal Stress
  3. Nutritional and Lifestyle Stress
  4. Time Stress
  5. Occupational Stress

Note: With the included Health Planner this report is used as an interact workshop soon to be a support by the Stress Indicator and Health Planner eCourse.

The SIHP can assist you to do the following:

  • Instantly provide you information so you can develop a plan to enhance your overall wellness and decrease your stress levels.
  • Increase your awareness and insight regarding potential risk areas that interfere with optimal health, performance, and long-term enjoyment of life.
  • Provide you a roadmap for self and others to plan for increased health and vitality.
  • Allow engagement by anyone at anytime without the need of certification or the involvement of outside professionals.
  • The Health Planner is designed to provide practical information and common sense to assist you in making choices that will move you in the direction of your wellness goals.
  • Use the Stress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP)on a regular and planned basis; we recommend that you consider completing the SIHP at least once a year to track or benchmark any changes to your (or organizations) stress and wellness levels.
  • Implemented as part of any Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • Use the SIHP with the other CRG assessments as a process to reduce stress – such as job fit, values clarification, leadership skills development, etc., especially for the interpersonal, time and occupational stress categories.
  • As our life changes, so do our stress and wellness levels. The SIHP is an excellent way to be proactive in your overall health strategies.
  • Created your organizational or corporate wellness programs using the SIHP to benchmark and track the overall health and wellness practices of their employees. Then based on the SIHP results, track trends and implement training and support programs to address important or critical stress and wellness issues.
  • You will also find that many of the other CRG assessments can assist you in your strategies to reduce your stress and improve your wellness, especially as you review the interpersonal, time, and occupational sections.

Use the SIHP to:

  • Identify Stress Levels in 5 Critical Areas
  • Determine Targeted Action Plans
  • Incorporate Healthy Behaviors
  • Increase Health and Wellness Levels
  • Raise Job Satisfaction
  • Improve Performance & Quality of Life

Who can benefit:

  • Any Individual Who Wants To Decrease Stress and Increase Their Wellness
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Each Family Member
  • Employees and Managers
  • HR Departments
  • Organizations Who Care About Health and Wellness

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