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Online Job Style Indicator (JSI)


The Job Style Indicator (JSI) helps you prioritize the types of tasks and the style behaviors required in the position. Even though the JSI is an important addition to the job selection process, performance improvement, and career planning, it is only one part of the hiring and/or development procedure. It is also necessary to completely define the needs of the job and/or role and the job’s requisite skills, competencies, experience, and educational requirements.

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The JSI can assist you to do the following.

  • Determine the required work style of a current/potential position, job or responsibilities
  • Understand how other team members see the work style requirements for that position or role
  • Identify the behavioral style of the responsibilities of a new venture or business opportunity
  • Provide a roadmap to match each person’s preferred work style and work environment to help him or her more intentionally select the best job, role, and/or career
  • Use the JSI with any of CRG’s style assessments to determine work style compatibility. They include the Personal Style Indicator, Quick Style Indicator, Sales Style Indicator, Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator, and Instructional Style Indicator
  • Increase team performance through the shifting of work roles and responsibilities to better reflect team members’ job-fit
  • Reduce staff turnover and work-related stress levels
  • Develop plans for work style flexibility and improved role-effectiveness

Use the JSI to:

  • Confirm Style Pattern and Requirements For A Role
  • Clarify Responsibilities
  • Confirm Behavioral Expectations
  • Establish Mutual Understanding
  • Confirm Working Style Needs

Who can benefit:

  • Employers
  • HR and Hiring Managers
  • Employees for Role Fit
  • Potential Employees For Hiring
  • Career Centers
  • Recruiters
  • Teams

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