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Selling is one of the most important skills people should develop. It does not matter what our job or role is—we are all involved in selling. We are all selling our ideas and desires to others.
The Sales Style Indicator (print) has two parts. The SSI and the SSI In-Depth Interpretations which are both required to provide you and your client the full SSI results. We list them as bundle below for your convenience. With the advent of mobile technology, we do highly recommend, (if possible) – that you consider the online version of the CRG assessments – if available in your language.

The Sales Style Indicator has been rated # 1 Personality (Sales Style) Assessment for over 30 years by participants!

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Print Sales Style Indicator (SSI) – Print, English
Print Sales Style Indicator (SSI) – In-Depth Interpretations, English
Print Sales Style Indicator (SSI) – Print plus In-Depth Interpretations, English
Print Sales Style Indicator (SSI) – Print, Swedish
Print Sales Style Indicator (SSI) – In-Depth Interpretations, Swedish
Print Sales Style Indicator (SSI) – Print plus In-Depth Interpretations, Swedish
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The Sales Style Indicator (SSI) is a powerful sales communication and learning tool that can instantly improve the performance and results of any sales or customer service professional. The SSI and SSI In-Depth Interpretations (print version) comes in two separate booklets (but sold as a package) with the in-depth report outlining strengths as well as common areas of difficulty. The SSI is focused on helping others develop so you can proactively take your performance to the next level.  Participants receive personalized insights that deepen their understanding of self and others, making workplace interactions more enjoyable and effective.

This in-depth report helps you and your sales team discover their natural selling style while instantly providing these same sales professionals a framework to determine clients’ preferred buying styles. Participants identify their specific SSI style pattern(s), which assists them to instantly understand their strengths and potential challenges so they can be more effective sales, sales managers, and customer service professionals.

The Sales Style Indicator can assist you to do the following:

  • Identify your basic Sales Style of responding to prospects, clients, and sales tasks
  • Gain self-understanding, self-acceptance, and greater understanding and acceptance of others
  • Identify the consequences and/or strengths of your selling style when relating with your prospects and clients
  • Identify your typical reactions to sales stress and pressure and learn how to compensate for your weaknesses
  • Better understand the buying style tendencies of your client and learn to interact with them more effectively
  • Learn how to successfully and quickly build rapport with your clients, potential clients, and others
  • Increase harmony and productivity by sharing a common language when talking with others about the style behaviors that are more effective or productive in various sales situations
  • Determine your preferred selling style and work environment, to more intentionally select the best sales role, structure, and responsibilities for you
  • Gain an understanding of human behavior that you can use to ease tension and promote harmony in relationships with prospects and clients and in your interactions with your fellow workers
  • Facilitate sales team development through the careful assessment of team-member strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop a plan to increase your Sales Style flexibility and effectiveness during sales calls with prospects and clients and in your interactions with team members

Use the SSI to:

  • Hire, Recruit, and Place
  • Confirm Preferred Sales Style
  • Understand Your Client’s Buying Styles
  • Increase Sales Results and Build Rapport
  • Coach Sales Performance

Who can benefit:

  • All Sales Professionals
  • Sales Managers
  • Customer Service Teams
  • Coaches, Trainers, Speakers
  • Potential Employees
  • Job Placement Counselors
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